Furniture & Equipment Decommissioning

What do you do with your redundant furniture and equipment assets when you move or renovate.
Your options include:

Market & Resale –
The used furniture and equipment market is an option if you are realistic about the value of your furniture asset. The industry rule of thumb for used systems furniture is that your perfectly good used furniture is likely worth between a cost to remove or 1 – 5 % of its original invoiced value. Let us take the headache out of the analysis and present you with your realistic options.

Recycling –
The second option for your used furniture is to have it removed from site and responsibly dismantled and recycled for all salvageable parts and materials. This is typically a task our clients cannot take on themselves.

Refurbish –
You can also refresh and renew the existing products that may have many serviceable years ahead but simply need to be repaired, painted, touched up or reupholstered.

Charitable Donation –
Perfectly good, but no-longer-needed furniture, donated to a needy cause is a great way to do the right thing and keep furniture out of landfill.

Not Acceptable! Call us and we will work with you to help find another solution.

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